With team and clients throughout New Zealand and the world, Espire Media is headquartered in beautiful Wanaka and buzzing Auckland, New Zealand.

Phone: +64 3 443 6316

Address: The Cell, 28 Helwick Street, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand

Content marketing & online advertising enquiries

Email Jennifer Liew at jenniferl(at)

Accounts enquiries

Email Alastair Noble at alastairn(at)

Media, partnership and investment enquiries

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Established in New Zealand in 2008, Espire Media is a specialist content marketing agency and network, incorporating New Zealand’s first content marketing agency Iron Road (est 2004).

Each month we help entrepreneurs and businesses grow audiences and increase sales by building trust and awareness through innovative content marketing services and brand journalism, along with serving thousands of fans around the world.

As a business born into the turbulent and fast moving world of digital media, we are free from preconceived ideas about how media should be done, and are not hindered by old media thinking.

“Inspire, Educate, Inform” is our ethos – let’s go do something great!



For case studies or to discuss how content marketing can help you grow sales, contact Jennifer on +64 3 443 6316 or