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Espire Media is a New Zealand based content marketing agency providing smart content and brand journalism solutions to help your business be heard above the noise. From small and early stage businesses, to international brands we have solutions to help your company harness the power of content marketing.

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The modern marketers challenge

Years of aggressive sales tactics, deceitful practices and corporate greed have trained consumers to be cynical and wary of “pushy” sales organisations.

Buyers have access to all the product information, pricing and suppliers they need at their fingertips and will engage with potential suppliers when they are ready.

On top of this, customers are receiving more advertising messages than ever and are tuning them out.

“If you really are a leader in your industry I would know about you already,” the reasoning goes, “so why haven’t I heard of you?”

Content marketing is the answer

But imagine if there was a way to grow awareness, engage your target market and build trust and credibility to generate more leads from customers who not only enjoy engaging with your brand, but contact you when they are already ready to buy!

The good news is, there is.

It’s called “content marketing” and the better news is that content marketing is not a new strategy – in fact it’s been used for a long time now and used by organisations big and small. (Read our definition of content marketing here.)

The fact is your customers are already consuming someone’s content.

The question is, is it yours… or your competitors?

So, big or small, if you want help learning about and implementing content marketing for your business, we’d love to help!

Best way to sell something: don't sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might want to buy. - Rand Fishkin, Founder,

The company we keep
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