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Espire Media is a New Zealand based content marketing agency providing smart content and brand journalism solutions to help your business be heard above the noise.

From small and early stage businesses, to international brands we have solutions to help your organisation harness the power of content marketing.

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The modern marketing challenge - sound familiar?

Marketing has changed more in the past four years than in the past forty, due to significant changes in buyer behavior.

Thanks to the Internet, 81% of us perform online research before making a buying decision, 60% of us begin our search using a search engine like Google, and 61% read online reviews before purchasing.

Because we can find anything we want, any time we want, we are in full control of who we give our attention to and are increasingly intolerant of ads and pushy sales tactics. In addition we are voting with our wallets, and choosing where possible to support businesses who demonstrate a higher purpose aligned with our values.

You need to have an online presence that enables you to rank highly in search engines, engage potential customers with useful information and a compelling higher purpose. Without it you will lose business to your competitors.

Quite simply, if it’s not your content that your customers are consuming, it’s someone else’s.

"Espire Media have been a pleasure to deal with. They listened to our business needs, offered ideas and worked together to launch our start-up into the media. We've had a great response, all thanks to their expertise. Will continue to work with these great people."

Rachael Turnage

"It’s been great to work with Espire Media. They are really responsive and always committed to deliver projects on time. We’ve been working together on the Microsoft NZ Business Blog, part of Microsoft’s content marketing strategy, and it’s been a great success thanks to Espire. They have been pivotal in discussing ideas, making recommendations and executing the plan."

Vitor Cabrera

"Working with Espire Media on our press release was an amazing experience. Everything was organised for us in a very timely manner even though we had a tight deadline. The promotion they did for us, especially the pitching to different media agencies is something you can't just do yourself and resulted in the article being published in NZ Herald. We got such a good response rate for that article and it really helped us (and will continue to help) with customer acquisition and brand awareness."

Ana Lyubich - Founder
Content marketing is the answer

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing that involves the creation and publishing of high quality, informative content in order to attract, acquire and retain customers.

By providing your target market with the information they are searching for, you can engage and capture the attention of potential future customers, allowing you to build a relationship with them on their terms, earning their trust in the process.

The results of this approach are spectacular with content marketing being voted the most important digital marketing skill by professional marketers five years in a row[1] with other research showing that:

– Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing yet generates nearly 3x as many leads.[2]

– Conversion rates are nearly six times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.[3]

[Sources: 1Digital Marketing Trends; 2Demand Metric; 3Aberdeen]

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