How content marketing doesn’t work

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How content marketing doesn’t work

We meet a lot of people who still have trouble understanding how content marketing works.

A common cause of this is that marketers and advertisers just cannot let go of thinking of content marketing in terms of advertising campaigns. That is, their criteria for judging how good a piece of content is, is how many clicks/leads/sales that piece of content has generated.

But here’s the thing – content marketing is NOT advertising and this is not how content marketing works.

If your expectation is that every article, blog, video or infographic you create is going to result in a website-crashing flood of new customers you will be severely disappointed and are unlikely to persevere long enough to see the rewards.

So if you’re having trouble understanding how content marketing really works, or are having trouble explaining it to others in your team, here’s a fantastic video from content marketing maven, Rand Fishkin, who explains exactly how content marketing helps organisations grow sales (and how it doesn’t!).